that delight.

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We feel your pain

...because we've been in your position: holding a vision but needing help to realize it. We've started businesses, ridden the emotional roller-coaster of entrepreneurship, and experienced the joys and frustrations of hiring tech freelancers and agencies.

We know how important it is to the success of your business that each project flows without friction. You will have direct communication with the development team, full transparency with regards to cost and timeline, and our commitment to giving you honest answers – even when it's not what you want to hear.

Details matter.

One crucial aspect of successful creation is ensuring that your vision is fully understood and shared by collaborators. Many agencies will praise your idea regardless of its merits or their comprehension. We will not do you that disservice.

Instead, we challenge our clients. We ask uncomfortable questions and pose alternatives. We unearth uncertainties so that they can be clarified. We seek the unspoken assumptions upon which the value proposition is built, so that you know whether to proceed or to pivot. And then we build whatever you decide to build.

We do these things because we care deeply for the success of the ventures we choose to support.

Our capabilities

We build fast and well-maintained systems to address all of your business needs. Some of the technologies we use include Python, Django, Flask, PostgreSQL, and MongoDB. We build efficient APIs using tools such as FastAPI. We will deploy your site or app to AWS, GCP or any other cloud service provider of your choice.

We are comfortable with AI functionality, such as recommendation engines and chat bots. Our experience and the broad range of tools allows us to offer complete, performant solutions to our clients.

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